Writing the JT Grant Proposal

Every organization has their own approach to writing grant proposals. The following tips and hints are presented for consideration.

  • Develop and construct the proposal as a team effort with an assigned team leader.
  • Collect and discuss the research and preparation in group session.
  • Discuss the general scope and direction of the project as a team.
  • Dissect the RFP, identifying every request for information.
  • Assign every request to the individual best suited to respond to each question.
  • Answer each question to stand by itself. Do not assume the reader will read the entire proposal.
  • Assign a single proposal writer who will interact individually with each of the contributors.
  • Circulate drafts of the proposal as it is developed.
  • Save budgeting until last, ensuring all activities are covered and budgeted.
  • Assemble boilerplate materials and collect attachments.
  • Review, revise, review, revise, and double and triple check budgets.
  • Let the proposal “sit” before final review.
  • Provide a lot of time for final review and submission.