Tuition-Based Training

Tuition-based training makes a strong contribution to the sustainability of any Environmental Workforce Development and Job Training (JT) program. Once students have graduated and are working in the environmental field, they are often required to attend refreshers and recertify. If the option is made available to them, they will likely return to the JT program where they received their initial training. An example is the annual HAZWOPER recertification. This is where graduate tracking pays off. Yesterday’s graduates provide a ready-made market for tomorrow’s recertification classes.

It should be noted that if the recertification classes are part of the JT program, tuition cannot be charged. If the recertification classes are not part of the JT program, tuition may be charged.

Refresher and recertification classes can help with tracking program graduates and also provide an additional income stream. When graduates attend a recertification class, gather information on job or address changes. Furthermore, a graduate who recertifies demonstrates a continued commitment to the program and should be considered when a testimonial, mentor, or speaker is needed.

Certification and recertification classes can also be offered to the public but not with EPA funds. Recruiting and training workers in the community (hands-on employees, managers, and supervisors) can supplement JT efforts and provide income for an expanded environmental training program.

Program Components