The Placement Process – Effective Presentation

Effective presentation is presenting each student as a worthy candidate through appearance, interview, and documentation. Appearance and personal presentation during the introduction and interview is a life skill, and ideally part of any comprehensive Environmental Workforce Development and Job Training (JT) program. Personal hygiene, dress, speech, and attitude should be addressed, as well as ensuring that students are conversant in technical issues associated with the positions they are seeking.

Life skills instruction cannot be funded with JT dollars, but costs for such training can usually be found through other sources. See Support Services period.

There are several talking points related to training that may be discussed during an interview.

  • Environmental topic areas studied.
  • Nature and conditions of the environmental work.
  • Certifications and credentials earned including association affiliations.
  • Special recognitions and awards.
  • Travel and relocation preferences.
  • Interest in additional responsibilities and potential for advancement.
  • Physical limitations or other issues that may influence job performance.

Many of the talking points listed above are about the job seeker’s preferences, abilities, and expectations. Unless informed otherwise, job seekers should assume the prospective employer is not knowledgeable regarding the candidate’s technical abilities and credentials. Job seekers should be prepared to discuss technical issues. Above all, job seekers should be good listeners. The prospective employer will provide background information, expectations, job performance measures, and compensation associated with the vacant position.

Criminal and incarceration history should not be an issue but, at some point, needs to be addressed. Many JT programs work with ex-offender populations and are extremely successful placing graduates in good jobs. Program staff must be sensitive to employer attitudes and company re-entry policies. The challenge is to place graduates where they will be respected and appreciated.

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