Environmental Workforce Development and Job Training (JT) grants are designed to provide funding to eligible entities (including nonprofit organizations) to recruit, train, and place predominantly low-income, minority, unemployed, and underemployed residents of solid and hazardous waste-impacted communities. The goal is to provide those residents with the skills needed to secure full-time, sustainable employment in the environmental field and in the assessment and cleanup work taking place in their communities.

Applications that do not meet eligibility requirements are notified within 15 days of submission. All other applications proceed to EPA’s well-defined grant review process to be evaluated and prioritized for funding.

Depending on available funds, applicants are notified of their funding status within approximately 90 days of submission. Public announcements and listserv posts announce the awards. A formal notification is sent to the principal contact identified in the proposal. It is suggested that regional coordinators keep in touch with the principal contact as that is the only individual notified of the award.