Q: When potential partners of a new EWDJT program are a tribe, community college, training consultant, and possibly other local nonprofit organizations, which organization would be best suited as the principal grantee?

Per the EWDJT RFP, eligible entities include tribes, nonprofit and governmental organizations, community colleges, and universities. Each eligible organization has advantages and potential issues to consider. Below are a few considerations associated with each organization.

Tribes—A Native American organization would be an excellent choice, as few are active EWDJT grantees. Some issues to consider when selecting a Tribe as principal grantee may be:

  • Tribes may not have experience writing and submitting federal grant proposals.
  • Often, Tribes do not have the administrative and accounting depth need to meet EPA audit standards.
  • Tribes, like other rural communities, have difficulties with recruitment and placement activities and may have limited training experience. It helps if they link with strong partners who provide those services.

Colleges and universities—Educational institutions are excellent principal grantees as they usually have experience submitting grants, and often have development staff and accounting/audit experience.

Governmental organizations—The mayor’s office or a workforce board are also excellent grantees. Like colleges, they usually have experience submitting and executing federal grants, and have administrative staff and accounting/audit experience.

Community and established nonprofit organizations—In searching for a nonprofit organization as the principal grantee, it is important that they have experience in grant submission, accounting, and a good track record. Some of EPA’s strongest grantees are established nonprofit organizations already providing training in other areas.

The key to choosing the best principal grantee partner is to find the organization with the depth, reputation, financial strength, and experience working with federal workforce grants. Ideally, the chosen organization will have the capability of continuing the EWDJT program (once established) without federal assistance.