August 9–10, 2017

Alexandria, VA

Attendees of this year’s meeting included:

  • 89 people representing 46 Environmental Workforce Development and Job Training (EWDJT) programs and prospective programs
  • 5 EWDJT program graduates
  • 11 EPA headquarters representatives
  • 10 EPA regional representatives
  • 5 HMTRI
  • 4 other governmental agencies


This year’s meeting consisted of large- and small-group sessions on topics related to building and sustaining a successful environmental job training program. Small-group sessions began with EPA-funded EWDJT grantees giving an overview of their program as it related to the discussion topic. New this year was a panel of five EWDJT program graduates who told everyone what their lives were like before, during, and after receiving training.


2017 Meeting Downloads 


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