This year’s Annual All-Grantee Meeting was held virtually on August 11-13, 2020. 

The focus of the meeting was virtual open discussion addressing JT grantees in the era of COVID19 and the implications that will be emerging as the pandemic continues. Each breakout addressed concerns of grantees between training cohorts, cohorts that have been interrupted before completion, new grantees, and potential grantees. Participants shared ideas, proposed solutions to critical issues, and explored innovative approaches to JT moving forward.

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There are 15 presentation files outlined below.

Legal and Administrative Issues EWJDT Presentation
B2 Regions 4-7
B5 Community & Labor Market Assessment PathStoneB7 Graduation-Placement-Tracking
B8 Curriculum and Training Flyer
B9 Student Retention & Support Services
B12 RACEJT All Grantee Meeting Presentation 2020_ Substances Abuse and Landmines
B15 Leveraging With Partnerships
B16 Callogue
B16 Gazebo
B17 Using Advisors and Employers Strategically
B18 EPA/NIEHS All Grantee Meeting
B19 Training Strategies in the Era of COVID-19
B21 Community Awareness and Social Media


NIEHS Resources
There are 3 NIEHS Resource files outlined below.

NIEHS Labor Market Study of Hazardous Waste Workers and Associated Emergency Responders
NIEHS Opioids and the Workplace _ Prevention and Response Flyer
NIEHS Workplace Action To Combat The Opioid Crisis—What Can Be Done