Our Annual Grantee Update Webinar was held on February 20th, 2018.

ATEEC (the Advanced Technology Environmental and Energy Center) presented on educational resources available to environmental workforce instructors and students.  Melonee Docherty, Instructional Designer, discussed Brownfields in a Box, a multidisciplinary training module that uses simulated and actual Brownfields case studies to exhibit to students the importance of science, math, and critical thinking. The discussions were about ATEEC’s “Defining Careers” webpages.  These online resources provide in-depth information on Environmental, Water, and Energy careers that can be obtained with a certificate, diploma, or two-year degree.

Download Webinar PowerPoint

Resources spoke about during the presentations:
Brownfields in a Box Resource
ATEEC Defining Environmental Technology Chart
ATEEC Defining Environmental Technology Report
ATEEC Defining Water Management Chart
ATEEC Defining Water Management Report
Environmental, Energy, & Water Programs Databases

All resources are available in printed form as well. Please contact The Brownfields Toolbox team at hmtri@eicc.edu to have them mailed to you directly.

For more information, please contact The Brownfields Toolbox team at hmtri@eicc.edu.