The 2016 Annual Environmental Job Development All-Grantee Meeting was held August 17–18 in Alexandria, VA. Among the 116 participants, there were:

  • 74 participants representing 45 EPA-funded Environmental Workforce Development and Job Training (JT) programs (current and past)
  • 6 Professional Learning Community members as prospective JT grantees
  • 13 EPA Headquarters representatives
  • 14 EPA Regional representatives
  • 4 representatives from NIEHS and LinTech Global
  • 5 HMTRI representatives

This meeting provided a unique opportunity to share a variety of approaches to Brownfields job training and development. The goal of the meeting was to share information and discuss ideas to assist in developing successful and sustainable JT programs. The meeting objectives were to:

  • Provide an opportunity for grantees to network with EPA regional and headquarters representatives to review program components and EPA guidelines to ensure grant requirements are fulfilled.
  • Provide a forum for attendees to discuss issues of common interest.
  • Share and discuss success stories, challenges, and solutions on topics pertaining to all aspects of developing and sustaining a job training program.

Participants from out of town had their lodging paid for three nights, and there was no fee to attend.

To access the PowerPoints and resources from this year’s meeting, please click on the link below. For more information, contact The Brownfields Toolbox team at

2016 All-Grantee Meeting Resource Downloads Page

The next Annual Environmental Job Development All-Grantee Meeting will be held in August 2017.