The Hazardous Materials Training and Research Institute (HMTRI) has been working with EPA on the Brownfields Initiative since its inception in 1994. Since that time, HMTRI has organized and conducted 19 annual Environmental Job Development All-Grantee meetings attended by more than 1,500 EPA-funded Environmental Workforce Development and Job Training (EWDJT) grantees and prospective grantees focusing on improving the effectiveness of job training programs, and sharing training and job development methodologies.

As of 2016, EPA has funded 256 job training grants. Most of the grantees have received training and technical assistance from HMTRI.

The purpose of this Brownfields ToolBox website is to provide communities with the knowledge and tools necessary to undertake activities that will maximize environmental job development, education, and employment opportunities for residents living in Brownfields-affected communities. The Toolbox was rebuilt and expanded in 2009 to include Professional Learning Community (PLC) resources, FAQs, Announcements, an EPA-funded EWDJT grantee site map, and much more. It was rebuilt and expanded again in 2017 to include updated content for the program components.

For questions about this website, contact Bryan Glanz at For questions about HMTRI’s technical assistance to EWDJT grantees and prospective grantees, contact Glo Hanne at